Human Rights Are Important

Please Give Input For Senior Project

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I have a huge favor to ask of you. My daughter is working on her senior project in which she researched the mental health of the LGBT community and how the support of those close to them affects their mental health.

Human Rights are important. As we can see from the state of North Carolina’s decision last week to pass the bathroom law stating a person must use the bathroom for the sex they were designated at birth. Studies have found that transgender people in states without LGBT legal protections are at higher risk of suicide.

I have learned a lot since working with folks who have crossed genders and helping my daughter with this project. For some, it is not just black and white there is a gray area and this has even been proved by science.

My daughter has worked very hard on this project. Please take a moment to comment on the project blog or send an anonymous story for her to post. It’s up to us to help those who don’t understand to realize love is of most importance to everyone. Intolerance and bigotry hurts us all.

Raina’s thanks you in advance for your input!

Raina’s Senior Project

transgender bathroom debate


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