Request for Contributors

Colourful_email_headerRaina’s Senior Project

For her senior project, my daughter studied the effects of the support, or lack of support, from family and friends on the LGBT community. She has setup a blog so people can send their story… uplifting, inadequate, or otherwise…in the hopes that life stories will be shared.

The contact form lets those who wish to contribute to do so anonymously. The contributions go directly to her email, she will then post them with the city and/or state provided. She thought it will be interesting to see if different communities are more supportive than others. Comments will be allowed but will be moderated personally by her so no trolls can post malicious comments.

If you have some insight on this subject, please help her out with this senior project. She will be grateful for your contribution.

Also, I would like to ask everyone to remember that love is the most important thing is this world. I am an older, white, Christian, Southern woman who has seen a lot of prejudice in my lifetime. It is time for discrimination of all forms to stop. Let love be our guide no matter if someone’s beliefs and lifestyle are different than our own.

Of course, if someone is being cruel…we should kick their ass…in a gentle way! But, still love them afterwards. *big smile

Thanks in advance!



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