Somewhere In Soddy-Daisy

Ann Jackson. Just a Soddy girl. That’s right…Soddy.

Everyone from Soddy-Daisy knows you are either from Soddy or Daisy.
We all know where the line is: right where the post office sits. Go north, you are in Soddy. Go south, you are in Daisy.

One day while driving down a Soddy backroad I noticed an old van sitting under a shed and thought it would be a nice photograph. I snapped a photo with my phone; ran a photo effect on it, and posted it to my Facebook and Instagram pages with the caption, “Somewhere in Soddy Daisy, TN.”

Now my reason for captioning the photo that way was I did not want to disclose the exact location or say anything else about the subject. The Facebook post received thirty-eight “likes” and several comments.

A few days later, while on my way to check out the new Buddist temple I had heard about in Soddy, an empty-looking trailer, caught my eye. I liked the rust stains running down the sides; the shredded plasic hanging from the porch, and even the shape of the trailer.
With this second, “Somewhere In Soddy Daisy,” post, people started guessing where the photo had been taken and even wanted to know where. Eventually, people made a game out of identifying where my Soddy- Daisy photos had been taken, and even got upset when I wouldn’t tell them! Although, I had never intended the locations to be disclosed, and I am not disclosing the locations in this book.

Lots of people tell me they really like the photos. My hope is you will find beauty in things of which I found beauty, and take notice of the places that need help. Please do your part to keep our city beautiful for generations to come.


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