Jesus Juice

A Twist on Dionysus

On September 29th, I attended an Autumn Equinox party and themed art swap. My plan was to do Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and grape harvest. But I could find no willing male model for my art piece even after a Facebook post. Searching Google images for “males in reclining position” brought up mostly images that only disturbed me.

Down to only hours before the party I found myself in a dilemma. Having my heart set on Dionysus, I walked over to the archive side of the basement, stopped just inside the doorway, and scanned the room. It was just then that I looked down at a stack of cassette tapes (which are making a comeback, by the way) and that’s when I saw it… the cover of the Michael Jackson’s Thriller cassette with the image of him reclining on one elbow.

I am thinking, “Hmm. Michael as Dionysus?” Then the story… you know the one… of one Michael Jackson accuser saying he gave him wine in a Coke can (or was it bottle) and told him it was Jesus Juice.

Jesus Juice! Of course! This was going to work for my Dionysus art piece!

Just so you know, I am Christian and am in no way making fun of Jesus. I always liked Michael, I hope the acquisitions against him were untrue. I suppose, however, I am making fun of Michael. Such is the nature of art and comedy. My last name is also Jackson… no relation to Michael… that I know of.

Jesus Juice_sm


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