Lamar’s Restaurant Motel Lounge

Lamar’s is legendary in Chattanooga. It’s like taking a trip back in time. The food is famous. Of course, they have some of Chattanooga’s best fried chicken and wings.

In the Chrystal lounge the 70’s gold and black velvet wallpaper sets the tone for the atmosphere. Black leather couches make you comfortable as you sip the very best drinks in town in the dim light listening to the jukebox of classic Motown funk and soul. Well… except for one Tom Petty and one Talking Heads album.

Let’s not forget the motel. If those strong drinks are a little too much for you, just check in for the “short trip.”









5 thoughts on “Lamar’s Restaurant Motel Lounge

  1. Please tell me your secrets. How in the world did you even see the rooms at Lamar’s? I’ve been going there a decade and have yet to confirm a single sign that it may still actually function as a motel.

  2. Just park in the back, go in the back door, and you have to walk through the hallway where the rooms are to get to Lamar’s. It’s a little scary though. 😉

    • Gerald doesn’t hunt you down? He looks at me something awful if I so much as walk slowly in the hallway by the bar… Seriously, did you see anyone else there? Did it look like people were actually renting the rooms?

      • Nobody said anything to me. We were talking to my friend’s brother, who is a policeman, out back before we went in…maybe they thought we were cops. It was very cold that night, it could have been too cold for anyone to bother with us.

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