Sandra Washburn

My friend, Sandra Paynter Washburn, is a wonderful, accomplished artist. She is also one of the kindest, sweetest ladies you will ever meet. She does an acrylic watercolor technique called experimental watercolor.

In the experimental watercolor process, you pour three or four colors of paint onto the prepared paper then push and move the paint around with scrappers and other items such as bubble wrap.

Below is a recent work by Sandra. Please check out her website also.

Sandra Paynter Washburn

Channel, 28x22 acrylic and mixed media by Sandra Washburn

Channel, 28×22 acrylic and mixed media by Sandra Washburn

The secret to getting unstuck is so simple, you’ll laugh. Here it is: Begin. Do something, anything that gets you moving in the right direction. Sure, it’s not always smooth or even easy and problems don’t just disappear but you will be unstuck. So pick up that pencil, paint brush, mixing bowl, greeting card, make that appointment, walk around the house, scream, laugh, cry… Begin! Moving forward despite our fears and obstacles is one of the most empowering and powerful things we will ever do.
Quote from Begin with Yes

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