Crazy Wayne

Crazy Wayne – I made this portrait of Wayne on a recent visit.

Crazy Wayne – I made this portrait of Wayne on a recent visit.

I have a long-time buddy everyone calls Crazy Wayne. You would be amazed how many people in the Chattanooga area know Crazy Wayne.

Now Wayne is not really crazy and in fact is extremely intelligent. Once he told me to pick anything out of the encyclopedia and ask him about it. We sat there for hours and he knew everything I asked him and went into detail about the subject!

Wayne is an old hippie. He once lived in the woods, alone, for several years. He hunted or gathered everything he ate during that time and made his shelter. He says,

“I was friends with a lot a squirrels, but I ate ’em. Rabbits were especially welcome. I’d asked ’em to come on, stay and they would.” (followed by huge laugh)

Wayne’s profession was a carpenter. He did custom wood work for the wealthier Chattanooga residents plus some restaurants and bars. He was very talented in the craft, but can no longer do that type of work.

Spider And Fly – by Wayne

Spider And Fly – by Wayne

Just a few short years ago Wayne was riding his bicycle daily, sometimes a 100 miles a day. An old back injury now has him confined to a wheelchair. Wayne’s home was destroyed in a tornado over a year ago, so he now lives in a downtown apartment. (The apartment building is a whole other post!)

Wayne comes up with nicknames for everyone, usually according to their looks. He pinned my dear friend Darla, The Long-neck Goose. My daughter he calls Killdeer because of her long, skinny legs. Another friend he called Catfish and thought I would die laughing because I had never noticed the resemblance until Wayne said it. Me? Wayne calls me Annie Pooh or The Pooh – I’m not sure why.

Wayne and me.

Wayne and me.


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