Frank – Starbucks Greeter

Some Saturday mornings I go to the downtown Starbucks for coffee. I have made a friend who is always there. His name is Frank. I met Frank at the outside tables one morning, so I sat down to chat while drinking my coffee. Almost everyone coming and going says hello to Frank.

Lots of times I have my camera with me photographing old downtown buildings. I took Frank’s photo and told him I may put it on my blog. He said, “Put ‘Starbucks Greeter’ so they’ll know who I am.”

Each year EPB (Electric Power Board) does Holiday window displays. When I saw Frank Saturday I mentioned I was going to post his photo on my blog soon, he told me this year one of the snowmen in the front display was holding a sign which read, “Say hello to  Frank.”

Frank is becoming quite the celebrity in downtown Chattanooga.

Frank, the Starbucks greeter.

Frank, the Starbucks greeter.


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