I have a friend who I refer to as the Kid Rock groupie. She is not really a groupie, but she does love Kid Rock and must see a concert from each of his tours. Although, she takes her husband to some concerts, I happen to be her main concert buddy for out-of-town shows (because I’m more fun, of course).

On one particular occasion when my friend’s husband was not acting right, she decided not to take him to the concert. So, the Kid Rock groupie, her childhood best friend, and I went to the Kid Rock show without him.

Since my friend is a member of the Kid Rock Fan Club she was able to get second row seats and VIP ‘before show BBQ party’ tickets. I joked that after paying for those we would not have enough money left to get a hotel and would have to sleep on the Marta train.

I could not resist making our very own MasterCard “Priceless!” ad. I laugh every time I run across it on my computer.


Some photos we took at the show:


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