Mountain Tales

A couple weeks ago I went on a seven-mile hike with my long-time friend and neighbor, Barbara. I have two funny stories about that day.

Story 1:  Come On, Cory!

After hiking to the top of Lookout Mountain, we were sitting on Sunset Rock with a few other people overlooking the Tennessee Valley.  A group came up from the trail which leads from the road (you can also drive to Sunset Rock.)

Two girls were near the edge looking off, then one turned around calling, “Come on, Cory.” A male voice from behind says, “I can see just fine from right here.” The girls continued, “Come on, Cory! You are being silly. It is beautiful! Come look.”

I turned to see Cory still standing a the trails edge, a safe 10 yards or so from the edge. I said, “What are you doing over there, Cory?!? Come on!” This made the girls, their other male companion and Cory laugh.

Finishing my candy bar snack, I got up and walked halfway between me and Cory where the plaque is posted that tells the history of Sunset Rock: Where Generals Longstreet & Bragg surveyed the Confederate Army prior to the Battle of Chattanooga on Oct 29, 1863. I said, “Now Cory, they would not put this sign in a place that was not safe for everyone to stand. So come on over here to read it and you will have a much better view.”

Well, would you believe Cory came out to the plaque?! He hung out on the rock (not farther than the plaque) for a couple minutes and thanked me for talking him into going out on the rock.


Cory and friend.

Story 2:  Move Over

As I stated above, my friend Barbara was hiking with me this day. I have know Barbara most of my life and no matter how many years we get behind us, we are still just as silly as we were years ago.

We are walking up this very narrow trail on the edge of the mountain when this guy comes up jogging from behind us. I say, “Someone’s coming up.” She doesn’t hear me. I say, “Over Barb.” She doesn’t hear me. I say a little louder, “Over!” She still doesn’t hear. The dude goes past me and is going around her on the outside. Barbara turns when he is right beside her and it scared the crap out of her. She gasps so loudly it scared the dude too and they both jumped! I just knew he was falling off the mountain! Barbara had to stop to slow her heart down. Needless to say, I could not stop laughing for while.

If you’d like to see some really crazy people, check out the Sunset Rock on Lookout Mt. Facebook page timeline photos.


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