Ballet Tennessee Gala

Ballet Tennessee recently held their annual fund-raising gala at the historic Read House in Chattanooga. My daughter and I attended and I snapped a few photos of teen dancers enjoying their evening. My favorite is Ballerinas In A Row.


2 thoughts on “Ballet Tennessee Gala

  1. I love your photos. The ballroom is gorgeous, especially the ceiling medallion. Are you familiar with a subdivision of Chattanooga called “St. Elmo?” It was named after my favorite novel. The story begins at the bottom of Mt. Lookout, so I think that’s where the subdivision must be.

  2. Thanks so much, Sheryl! I am familiar with St. Elmo. I actually posted a few photos from the St. Elmo business district on January 26 last year.

    There are some interesting old homes and churches in St. Elmo which I should photograph some day. I photographed some of the mausoleums in Forest Hills Cemetery. I will make those my next post (when I get a break from work); I really like how they turned out.

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