Tools Yo

I’ve been too busy to post anything the last couple weeks, which I suppose is a good thing, since I have been working on freelance jobs. I just now finished a job and was looking for something to post when I ran across this screen shot I thought you may find entertaining.

I work for an ecommerce company who has Sears for a client. So, of course, we (along with the Sears folks) have access to Sears online content.

Sometimes when things are not going my way, I do a little cussing at work. Now I’m not the only one who has this bad habit, but I’m the one who gets teased about it because I’m viewed as non-threatening and my co-workers seem to think me loosing my temper is cute.

Well, one day a chat was going around the office with a link to a Sear webpage. It is hilarious as you can see (below), but I said, “They are gonna think I did that!” I’m happy to say, it was no one from our company who made the Tools Yo category with the F***ing Big Ass Saws > F*** Yeah.

Once, when we had Target for a client, someone (again, nobody from our company) had put a link for “Marijuana – $40.” I wonder how much marijuanaTarget sold?

So, with tomorrow being Monday instead of dreading the start of the work week – just think how much fun you could have at work tomorrow!


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