Lazy, Southern Saturday

Yesterday I went to visit my dear friend, Helen, on Lookout Mountain. We had a splendid visit – talking about all our wonderful friends ⁄ coworkers from our years at the newspaper, sitting in the yard in the sunshine, eating lunch on the back porch while it was raining and just catching up on each other’s lives.

Helen, who is eighty-six, has many stories to tell. She raised four sons, two daughters and one granddaughter; she has several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her father, Roy McDonald, started and owned the newspaper, Chattanooga News-Free Press,where I got my first job at the age of nineteen as a graphic designer. Helen was the vice president at the paper and she has written several cookbooks.

It was fun seeing her “wall of fame” with many photos of Helen with the likes of Oprah, Joan Rivers, Wolfgang Puck, Walter Cronkite, George W. and Laura Bush just to name a few.

You can read about Mr. Roy and other interesting stories on my other blog, The Gossip Column, about working at the local newspaper before desktop computers (which I am sorry to say I have not posted on in a very long time but will again as soon I get more photos together.)


3 thoughts on “Lazy, Southern Saturday

  1. Hi Annie & Helen,
    So happy you were able to spend a lovely day together. The photos are beautiful and I know you had a wonderful time together. Love to each of you!

  2. So nice to share a beautiful afternoon, with a friend. Nothing is better than the simple things of life, lunch, beautiful view, and wonderful conversation. What a nice memory you both made that day.

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