Ann and Andy: Similarities Conclusion

Similarities Conclusion

This is the last in a series of posts on the similarities between Andy Warhol and myself which I discovered after recently reading a book about him.

The Oxidation paintings are sometimes referred to as Warhol’s Piss Paintings. The paintings are generally attributed to 1977 – 78, although Warhol also referred to them in a 1976 interview. You can read in depth about these paintings here:

I have to admit I have never urinated on one of my (or anyone else’s) paintings. This is one technique I quite frankly had not thought of and did not know about until recently reading the book about Andy Warhol.

Will I try this technique now? Probably not. It just seems too weird for me. Besides, this technique works best for males I suppose. But I do think Andy Warhol must have been a genius and shrewd businessman to become as famous as he did with the techniques and subjects he used. Although, according to, Andy possibly got the urine ideal from friends or Jackson Pollock.

Besides the previous seven posts in this series, there are a few more similarities between Andy and I which are listed below:

• Bartered with restaurants for food

• Someone shot some of our paintings (only one of mine)

• Lived in the same dwelling with our mothers most of our lives

• Liked younger guys

This concludes  Ann and Andy: The Similaritiesposts. I hope you have enjoyed them and do not now think I am as eccentric as Andy Warhol. Really, I’m not!


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