Ann and Andy: Similarities #7

Penis Drawings

Andy Warhol evidently worked on penis drawings for a limited edition book he was planning on publishing. In the book The Autobiography and Sex Life of Andy Warhol, someone named Amaya is quoted as saying:

“I first heard about Warhol when the artist was working on a “cock book,” in the late 1950s, at the start of Warhol’s career as a fine artist, when he was “going around town drawing everybody’s cock.” He concludes, “[H]e was very ahead of things.”

A“head” of things indeed. Penis drawings are another similarity Andy and I share.

I didn’t go around town drawing actual penises. But when my friend Kelly and I were just out of high school, she shared an apartment with two other girls. They had this small chalk board in the kitchen and one day while Kelly was in another part of the apartment I drew a penis on the chalkboard.

It just so happened that the drawing was discovered later when Kelly had a date over. You would just have to know my friend Kelly, who gets embarrassed easily, to realize how funny this little stunt actually was.

So, of course, every time I was at Kelly’s apartment I snuck into the kitchen to draw a penis, usually with balls, on her chalkboard. This continued until I was no longer allowed to be in the kitchen alone.

I have also drawn nude male models and out of Playgirl magazines. The human body is my favorite subject.

Another quote about the penis drawings by Ted Carey:

“The other things that he [Andy Warhol] started to do [was] a whole group of Cock drawings. Beautiful cock-penis drawings… they’re fabulous! He was going to do a book of those… The Cock drawings… were done mostly through friends… Like if he met somebody at a party or something, and he thought they were fascinating or interesting, he’d say, ‘Oh, ah, let me draw your cock. I’m doing a cock book.’ And surprising enough, most people were flattered [when] asked to be drawn. So he had no trouble getting people to draw and he did a lot of beautiful drawings.”

Hmmm, maybe I could find a boyfriend if I started my own cock book.

Sorry, I have no photos of my penis drawings on Kelly’s chalkboard. But, stayed tuned for the conclusion of my series Ann and Andy: The Similarities.


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