Ann and Andy: Similarities #5

Both Shot at by Deranged People

June 3, 1968 Andy Warhol was shot by a woman who was angry that he would not make a movie from a script she had written called Up Your Ass and Warhol had evidently lost the script. Andy almost died from the gunshot wounds. You can read an account of the entire scene here:

Sometime in 1984 I was shot at by a guy who stalked me for years. I was not hit by any bullets, which came through my bedroom window, but had a patched up wall in  which I could still see the bullet hole through even after painting. He served two years in prison and continued to stalk me afterwards.

I had rather not go into detail about my ordeal because I still have nightmares that this guy is after me. Actually, the guy still lives in the same city as me. But, he has not bothered me since 1988 when he blocked me in at a store and I got out with my Colt Python .357 and pointed it at his head with my finger on the trigger and told him I’d just as soon shoot him as look at him and suggested he move his car and leave.

Sorry, I don’t have a photo of the bullet hole in my wall.


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