Ann and Andy: Similarities #4

Photocopy Self-Portraits

We have all heard the stories. You know, the ones… about people photocopying their butts at the office. I did not do that. I have no idea whether Andy Warhol did that either.

But, my co-workers thought I was a little kooky when I first tried colorcopying my face. Like any other art project, I just wanted to see what the outcome would be. I liked it!

Obviously, I liked the experiment enough to keep the photocopy self-portraits in one of my time capsulessince the early 90’s. (I think it was 1990 but I’m not certain.) The color copier made my hair look so life-like – yet I looked bizarre, as though in the dark.

The Andy Warhol book I recently read talked about him doing photocopy self-portraits which reminded me of the ones I did so many years ago. So I looked online for one of Andy’s to compare.

When I found one, I could not believe what I was seeing! I was amazed that he had put his hand in the image also. And not only that, but the same hand in the same manner. How weird is that?!

It is just one more similarity I found between us and prompted this similarity series of posts. The photocopy self-portraits made me realize Andy and I at least have goofiness in common.

Btw, Andy’s image was actually done on a photostat machine and was up for auction in March starting at $50,000. I wonder if mine will ever be worth that much. Highly unlikely.

Read about Andy’s photocopy self-portrait here…

Andy Warhol photocopy self-portrait

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