Ann and Andy: Similarities #3

Commercial Artists

Andy Warhol and I were both commercial artist in our early careers. Andy became a famous, top paid commercial artist in New York City. says…

Soon after graduating, Warhol moved to New York City to pursue a career as a commercial artist. His work debuted in Glamour magazine in September 1949. Warhol became one of the most successful illustrators of the 1950s, winning numerous awards.

Right out of college, I started my first job at the local newspaper as a “graphic artist.” I was famous too! But I did not making a lot of money as Andy did.

After Andy had made a name for himself as a fine artist, he took whatever commercial jobs he wanted. I’m sure his art commanded top dollar for such clients as Absolute and Apple. The Absolute ads are actually my first recollection of Andy Warhol.

Hopefully, I will be to the point soon where Apple will can me to illustrate their logo. One can dream.


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