Ann and Andy: Similarities # 1

Time Capsules

Andy Warhol and I were ⁄ are both pack rats, maybe bordering on horders. If it were not for my own time capsules I would not have know about the similarities of Andy and I. Thanks to my time capsules I have drawings from when I was as young as five years old.

Items Andy and I both collected include: artwork, sources for artwork, art objects, clippings about art and artists, photographs, magazines, personal clothing items, correspondence and fan letters (of course I have fan letters!) 

This is a link where you can experience one of Andy Warhol’s time capsules. Very cool, check it out.

The Warhol: Time Capsule 21

I did not photograph any of my time capsules but there will be some contents posted in the next few days. Of course, my collection is not as extensive or interesting, but I have time capsules just the same.


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