4 Bridges Arts Festival

My daughter and I went to 4 Bridges Art Festival today. It was a beautiful day and I had a wonderful time talking to the artists and looking at the extraordinary art. And best of all… I purchased an amazing piece!

Below is the artwork I bought titled  John 3:16 by Pixie Jacquin.

On the right you can see the adoration of the baby Christ and on the left Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. Yep, all twelve are there.

The center has the crucifixion with his mother Mary and Mary Magdeline, and the thieves hanging on crosses on either side.

Two miracles performed by Jesus are depicted on either side of the crucifixion scene – raising Lazarus from the dead and healing a blind man.

In the center is the Bible verse John 3:16 with The Lord’s Supper above it.

The top is Jesus’ ascension into Heaven.

Pixie said she always likes to add a little humor to her art so the demons at the bottom are roasting sinners like marshmallows on their pitchforks.

Pixie Jacquin is a retired art teacher from Peoria, Illinois where she has Studio at Heaven’s Gate. She does not presently have a website.

(Sorry my photo is not so good and I did not get the matt and frame in the photo but the glare was too bad.)


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