Steve’s Logo

In Soddy Daisy, Tennessee there is this awesome restaurant called Steve’s Landing located at Pine Harbor Marina. Folks have come by car and boat for sixteen years to experience Steve’s cajun cooking.

During the past sixteen years, Steve’s Landing has had only paper, take-out style menus. There has been no logo except type, Steve’s being in Brushscript font and LANDING in another font I can’t name.

I am designing a “real” menu for the restaurant and have designed a logo with the previous fonts. I think the “grunge” look goes well with the casual atmosphere of the restaurant. The ideal is these are textures you would see at the marina –  the black background represents fiberglass, the metal border represents the metal pieces on boats and the dock and the flag represents the flags people put on their boats. See what you think…


5 thoughts on “Steve’s Logo

  1. approved…….Ann, .go for it..congrats to getting back to your work…we both rose from the dead with the pollen, it is still killing me but………..

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