Sheila T added Indelible Musings to the “loverly” list! Thanks Sheila T.

Sheila T Illustrated©

Ma. Novie Godmalin at Mis Experiencias Personales nominated me for this award on Jan. 17, 2012, the very same day she surprised me with the Versatile Blog Award. I had no idea this One Lovely Blog Award existed so two awards on the same day left me speechless.

Novie is special to me because she was the first person to leave a comment on one of my posts after blogging for 2 months and getting only a few “hits” and “likes.” She is among my favorites of the 35 blogs I am following at the moment. 

And then along comes Ray at Novice Journal. She also nominates me for this “lovely” award – on the same day as Novie! My jaw dropped! Ray has a unique writing style. Her poetry is impressive.

There are no rules to accept this award; a thank-you post to the giver will suffice.


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