The Past Remains

A drive on any the roads leading up Lookout Mountain, Tennessee will remind you of the past. Besides remnants of the Civil War, you will also see other signs from an era past. In this gallery are a few interesting items I photographed in the area recently.

Stop by the office at the Lookout Mtn. Travel Lodge to reserve room number 5. Maybe try your luck at Lucky’s triple 7 bar just down the road. Or if you’d like to stay a while, I bet you could rent a mobile home at Lookout Mtn. Mobile Home Park nearby.


3 thoughts on “The Past Remains

  1. My mother was the manager of this lodge in the 60’s. It was a gem in those days. This is the orginal sign and the mobile home park across the street was pristine. They both were owned by Bill and Vivian Freedman.

  2. With the revitalizing taking place in Chattanooga I hope some of these old gems will be restored to their original grandeur. They have so much character to offer unlike the carbon-copy buildings and signs today.

    Growing up, my friend’s mom managed Colonial Courts hotel in Soddy Daisy, which was recently torn down, and they lived in the manager’s office part. I have a photo of it I should post.

    Thanks so much for your comment!

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