Fish Scales

As promised, I found my very first digital drawing! It was done in a matter of minutes on the first Mac the newspaper (Chattanooga News Free Press, present day Chattanooga Times Free Press) purchased way back in the early to mid 80’s. As you can see the print has yellowed over… DEAR GOD, it’s been how many years?!?!

Anyway, being the fashion diva that I was, of course I sketched a fashion drawing using the handy pattern fills which worked perfectly for fishnet stockings and gaudy 80’s accessories. Wanting to try out the fonts I gave my drawing the title Fish Scales.

I could not begin to tell you what application I used but I think whatever it was came with the Apple computer. Or could it possibly have been the Illustrator 1?


2 thoughts on “Fish Scales

  1. Pretty cool! I’m curious as to what she’s pointing at, though.

    Hmm. I know!

    “Could you please hand me the rest of my sweater? The wind blew all of it off except for the cuffs! Radical!”

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