Dear John

I have been trying to finish this painting I started a few years ago. My problem is I don’t know what to put on the letter my subject is holding. I do know I want it to be an end to a relationship.

Should she be writing the “Dear John” letter or receiving the bad news? At first I thought she was receiving it but now I know by the look on her face she is the one “dropping the ax.”

So, I will add a pen on the table beside her tea cup and write the letter – if only I could decide what the letter should say.

Any suggestions?

(This is just a cell phone photo of the painting.)


2 thoughts on “Dear John

  1. Dear John,

    After careful consideration, I have decided things are just not working out between us. I made certain guidelines for myself years ago and, quite frankly, my boyfriend looking better than I do in a dress is one of them. So I’m afraid it’s over.

    Sincerely, Ann

    P. S. Kindly return any and all clothing items you may have borrowed from me.

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