Miles From Nowhere

I found some photos I had taken many (yes many) years ago with my 35mm. I loved to take photos of dwellings that seemed odd or seemed to be disappearing.

My Miles From Nowhere card set was made from some of those old photos. You can see other card designs at my website The Paper  Dolls.

The first three photos were taken in the town where I grew up, Soddy Daisy, Tennessee.

An older gentleman was still living in the Shotgun Shack just a few short years ago.

Look closely to see the dogs and chickens in One Room Trailer.I used to see the guy who lived here out in the yard a lot. This place is no longer standing.

This photo was taken at a dump site (hence the title White Trash) where I suppose those guys decided to camp out for a while to look for “treasures” which may have been “another man’s junk.”

Bootlegger’s Hideout,  is an undisclosed location in my hometown in the state of Alabama. When TVA was building the dam the rock had been cut out of the riverbed  and stacked there in two circular shapes. My grandfather’s best friend was a bootlegger, this was his camp where folks came by boat or car to buy whiskey, beer and moonshine because it was a dry county at the time.


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